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Collecting and using WPA Handshakes.

Automatic Handshake Capture

Handshakes are part of normal WiFi traffic when a client joins or refreshes a network.
The WiFi Pineapple can automatically collect handshakes which are caught during a recon scan, with no extra effort.
Automatic handshake capture can be enabled in the Recon panel.
Handshake collection card

Direct Handshake Capture

A specific network may be targeted for handshake capture by selecting the network, then selecting "Capture Handshakes" from the menu:
Capturing handshakes from a network
Directed handshake capture parks the WiFi Pineapple on the same channel as the target device and waits for handshake packets. Remaining on the target channel increases the chances of capturing a complete handshake.
Causing clients to reconnect by using the "Deauthenticate All Clients" option, or deauthenticating a specific client, can increase the chances of capturing a handshake.

EvilWPA Handshakes

The EvilWPA access point clone is able to capture partial handshakes presented by a client, even when it is not possible to fully authenticate the client.
These half-handshakes can be leveraged by hashcat to attack the original passphrase.
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