WiFi Pineapple Modules allow the interface to be extended to support new community built features or offer front-ends to command line tools. A vast library of packages is also available.


Modules are typically contributed by the WiFi Pineapple community, and extend the functionality of the WiFi Pineapple UI. Typically modules offer a graphical front end to existing tools.

Can't find a module for a tool you want? Check out the Packages section to see if there is a command-line equivalent already! You can also help contribute to the module repository!

The main Modules page lists installed modules; to access the module click the corresponding card. To uninstall modules, click the trashcan icon.

For a list of available modules that you haven't installed, or to view updates for installed modules, you switch to the Modules tab. Here you can view the name, description, version, size and author of the module. To install modules or update them, click the Install/Update button.


The packages tab allows you to browse a variety of available tools and drivers for your WiFi Pineapple. These packages often contain a command line utility, which can be accessed via SSH or via the Web Terminal.

Press the backtick (`) key on your keyboard or click the terminal icon in the upper right to open the Web Terminal, or connect via standard SSH to access the WiFi Pineapple command line.

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