Troubleshooting networking

If you are having difficulties connecting to your Packet Squirrel, here are some things to check.

Place the Packet Squirrel in Arming mode

For the Packet Squirrel to run the web UI, it must be in Arming mode. Make sure that the sliding switch is in the arming position (furthest away from the USB-C power port).

If the switch is not in the Arming position, move it, power cycle the Packet Squirrel.

Plug into the Target Ethernet port

Make sure that your computer is plugged into the Target Ethernet port of the Packet Squirrel. This is the Ethernet port on the side with the USB-C power port.

DHCP or static

The Packet Squirrel will assign addresses via DHCP when in Arming mode.

You can also assign a static IP address, in the range of 172.16.32.X - by default we suggest Be sure to assign this address on the Ethernet device you have connected to the Packet Squirrel!

The Packet Squirrel will always be at

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