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The Packet Squirrel Mark II is an evolution of the original Packet Squirrel, and brings new tools, new flexibility, and up-to-date system tools and features.

As things evolve, some things must per force change. While many Packet Squirrel Mark I payloads will run with few or no modifications, other features have changed to add new features or more flexibility.

Web UI

The Packet Squirrel Mark II has a web UI accessible at . Traditional SSH access is also still available!

New NETMODE modes

There are several new modes for NETMODE:

  • BRIDGE - Bridge the interfaces, but obtain an IP on the Packet Squirrel as well

  • TRANSPARENT - Bridge the interfaces, do not obtain an IP on the Packet Squirrel

  • JAIL - Segregate the Target port from the network, but obtain an IP on the Packet Squirrel

  • ISOLATE - Disconnect both the Target and the Packet Squirrel from the network

  • VPN - VPN mode has been removed, because VPN access is now available in any network mode where the Packet Squirrel has an address!

VPN support

The Packet Squirrel Mark II supports both Wireguard and OpenVPN connections.

VPN connections are now available on all network modes where the Packet Squirrel has an IP: NAT, BRIDGE, and JAIL.

The VPN connection can be enabled by any payload, see the VPN Configuration chapter for more information!

USB support

Support has been added for the exfat filesystem.

Payloads can now use the USB_WAIT, USB_FREE, and USB_STORAGE commands to determine if the USB storage is available.

USB encryption is now available; see the USB Encryption chapter for more information.

Payloads should utilize the new USB commands to determine if USB storage is available, or wait for USB to be attached.

New DuckyScript for Packet Squirrel commands

The available commands for DuckyScript for Packet Squirrel have been greatly expanded, including a logging TCP proxy, connection matching and blocking, DNS spoofing, and more. Be sure to check out the DuckyScript for Packet Squirrel section!

Python 3

Python has been upgraded to Python 3. Some Python 2 based payloads may need minor modification to be compatible with Python 3.

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