Upgrading firmware

When a new version of the Packet Squirrel Mark II firmware is available, it will be on the Hak5 Download Portal.

Remember! The Packet Squirrel Mark II will not work with the Packet Squirrel Mark I original firmware!

Download the firmware

From your computer, download the new version of the Packet Squirrel Mark II firmware from the Hak5 Download Portal.

Be sure to download the firmware for the Mark II.

Back up any important data

Upgrading the firmware on the Packet Squirrel will erase any configuration changes you have made to the device. Be sure to back up any data, payloads, VPN configurations, etc, before proceeding.

Payloads can be downloaded via the web UI or via scp or other tools.

Boot into Recovery Mode

Disconnect the power to your Packet Squirrel.

With the power disconnected, press and hold the push button, then reconnect the power.

Continue to hold the push button. The status LED will blink green five times, then blink rapidly and turn red.

Once the LED has turned solid red, you may release the button, and your device is in Recovery Mode

Connect to the Packet Squirrel Recovery Mode webserver

With your computer connected to the Packet Squirrel Target port (the Ethernet port on the same side as the USB-C power connector), navigate to:

Having trouble connecting to the Packet Squirrel Recovery UI?

Rebooting into Recovery Mode can change the address assigned to your computer by the Packet Squirrel.

At times, some operating systems have difficulty with the connection changing.

Try unplugging the Ethernet between your computer and the Packet Squirrel for 15 to 30 seconds, then plugging it back in. This is often enough to convince your operating system to obtain a new IP.

Additionally, some browsers have difficulty with the network changes. Closing and re-opening your browser, or navigating to in a private or incognito tab, can often fix this.

Upload the firmware

Upload the firmware file you downloaded from the Hak5 Download Portal. Make sure to only upload firmware for the Packet Squirrel Mark II. Uploading firmware for other devices, or non-firmware files, could make your device non-functional.

When you click "Upload and Flash" your firmware will be uploaded to the device and flashing will begin.

DO NOT UNPLUG THE PACKET SQUIRREL WHILE THE FIRMWARE IS FLASHING. Unplugging the Packet Squirrel (or allowing the computer powering it to enter suspend mode, etc) may cause the firmware upload to be corrupted and device may no longer function.


The Packet Squirrel will go through several phases while the firmware is flashing.

  1. The LED will flash RED. The Packet Squirrel is erasing the flash chip and preparing the new flash image. This will typically take 2 to 5 minutes.

  2. The LED will flash GREEN. The Packet Squirrel is programming the flash chip with the new flash image. This will typically take 2 to 5 minutes.

  3. The LED will blink solid RED or GREEN. The Packet Squirrel is finalizing the flashing process and rebooting.

  4. The LED will display solid GREEN and begin blinking GREEN. The Packet Squirrel has rebooted into the new firmware, and is beginning the process of setting up the first-time boot. This process can take several minutes, while the Packet Squirrel initializes the writeable portions of flash and generates unique SSH certificates for your device.

  5. The LED will blink MAGENTA. The Packet Squirrel is done booting! Your browser should now refresh to the Packet Squirrel setup wizard.


The flashing process will take some time.

Be patient!

Unplugging the Packet Squirrel before the flashing process is complete can corrupt the flash and may make the device non-functional.

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