Status LED

The blinking-lights are not for finger-poking

On the front of the Packet Squirrel is the status LED.

This multi-color LED reflects the system status, and can be customized by payloads.

LED status modes

Blinking green

The Packet Squirrel is booting.

The first time the Packet Squirrel boots will take several minutes while it configures the internal storage and generates unique SSH keys.

Future power-ups of the Packet Squirrel will take significantly less time.

Blinking magenta / pink

The Packet Squirrel is in first-time setup mode; connect to to start!

Blinking blue

The Packet Squirrel is in arming mode; connect to or ssh to to configure your device.

Cycling red/blue/green

The Packet Squirrel detected a USB storage device, but could not mount it. Check that it has a supported filesystem!

Flashing red/blue

The Packet Squirrel could not find a payload for this switch position. Set your Packet Squirrel to Arming Mode and make sure a payload is present!

Other colors

Payloads can configure the LED to many other colors and patters, check your payloads for more information!

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