Factory reset

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To completely reset your Packet Squirrel, a factory reset process is included.


This will completely reset your Packet Squirrel! Be sure to save any configuration, payloads, and any other changes you may have made before performing a factory reset!

Resetting the Packet Squirrel

  1. Power off the Packet Squirrel (if powered on)

  2. Place the Mode Switch in Arming mode

  3. Power on the Packet Squirrel

  4. Wait for the Packet Squirrel to finish booting into Arming mode (blinking blue LED)

  5. Press and hold the Push button at the top of the packet squirrel for 20 seconds.

The Status LED will blink red several times and then the device will reboot.

If the Status LED blinks green, the button was not pressed long enough. Wait for the device to finish rebooting and repeat, this time holding the button down for longer.

The Packet Squirrel will perform a normal first-time setup boot and launch the setup UI.

This first boot will take several minutes while the Packet Squirrel initializes the internal storage and SSH host keys.

To perform a factory reset, the Packet Squirrel must be in arming mode and you must hold the push button down for 20 seconds. Make sure your switch is in the Arming position (furthest away from the USB-C power port) before you plug in power. Make sure to wait for the Packet Squirrel to complete booting into arming mode.

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