Configuring payloads

Complex payloads often have configuration options to tune behavior.
Configuration variables are found at the top of the payload. Well-formed payloads will document the payload options in comments; for example:
# Title: Printer Capture
# Description: Capture PCL IP printer jobs with a dynamic proxy
# Do we automatically exfiltrate to Cloud C2? Uncomment to send files to your
# CloudC2 server automatically
# USE_C2=1
# By default, C2WATCHDIR removes files after they're sent. To keep them, uncomment
# C2_KEEP_FILES below

Editing payloads

Payloads can be edited in the Packet Squirrel web UI, via ssh, or downloaded, edited, and re-uploaded using either the Packet Squirrel web UI or scp.
Configuring a payload in the Packet Squirrel web UI