Cloud C²

Cloud C² makes it easy for pen testers and IT security teams to deploy and manage fleets of Hak5 gear from a simple cloud dashboard.

The Packet Squirrel supports Cloud C² in all network modes where the Packet Squirrel obtains an address (NAT, BRIDGE, and JAIL). It is not available in TRANSPARENT or ISOLATE modes.

Cloud C² server

The Packet Squirrel Mark II requires Cloud C² server 3.3 or higher.

Enrolling Cloud C²

The Packet Squirrel can be enrolled in Cloud C² by uploading a device.config file via the Settings page in the web UI (available in Arming mode), or by copying a device.config file to /etc/device.config via scp.

An appropriate device.config can be obtained by creating a new device on your Cloud C² server; be sure to create a Packet Squirrel Mark II device!

Cloud C² payload commands

Once connected to a Cloud C² server, payloads may use additional commands:

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