USB storage support

The Packet Squirrel supports USB storage formatted with ext4, exfat, fat32, or NTFS filesystems.

USB storage devices should be attached to the USB-A port on the right-hand side of the Packet Squirrel.

Most USB drives ship pre-formatted with fat32 or exfat. To use these drives, typically no extra action is needed.

What filesystem to pick?

Often it won't matter what filesystem you pick, however there are some general guidelines:

  • ext4 is often the fastest filesystem, as it is native to Linux. You can format a USB drive as ext4 with a Linux system or Linux in a VM, but most other operating systems won't be able to use an ext4 drive directly.

  • fat32 is an older filesystem type and is limited to 4GB per file and 2TB disks.

  • exfat is widely compatible, but slow.


The Packet Squirrel also supports encrypted storage for increased protection of data at rest.

USB encryption requires extra setup steps and payload configurations; to find out more about encrypting USB storage, see the USB encryption page for advanced payloads.

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