DuckyScript for Packet Squirrel

DuckyScript is the payload language of Hak5 gear.

Originating on the Hak5 USB Rubber Ducky as a standalone language, the Packet Squirrel uses DuckyScript commands to bring the ethos of easy-to-use actions to the payload language.

DuckyScript commands are always in all capital letters to distinguish them from other system or script language commands. Typically, they take a small number of options (or sometimes no options at all).

Payloads can be constructed of DuckyScript commands alone, or combined with the power of bash scripting and system commands to create fully custom, advanced actions.

While the Packet Squirrel supports multiple languages for payloads (such as Python), all example use of the DuckyScript commands will be shown using a bash based payload. For other, custom payloads, the DuckyScript commands should be executed as system commands.

Ducky Script commands for the Packet Squirrel include:

A simple payload

As an extremely simple demo of payload capabilities, this payload sets the LED color, waits for a button press, then changes the LED color:


# Title: Basic demo one
# Description: A simple payload that waits for a button to be pressed

# Set the netmode to NAT, otherwise there is no connectivity at all

# Set the LED to blinking cyan

# Wait forever until the button is tapped

# Set the LED to blink blue in a triple pattern

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