The USB_STORAGE command indicates if external USB storage is available.

Payloads which require USB storage can use this to determine if a USB drive is connected.

Return values

USB_STORAGE sets a return code of 0 if storage is present and non-zero if it is not.

To learn how to write payloads which can handle responses, check the Advanced Bash section!


You can experiment using the USB_STORAGE command live, either in the Web Shell in the web UI, or via ssh!


Payloads using the USB_STORAGE command must handle the output; for example the following payload sets the LED based on USB storage being available. For more information about writing advanced payloads, see the Advanced Bash section!


# Title: USB_STORAGE demo
# Description: Set the LED color based on USB stroage.


        LED G SINGLE
} || { 
        LED R SINGLE

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