The UPDATE_PAYLOADS command will synchronize the local payload library (stored in /root/payload/library/) with the repository online. This command is expected to be run from Arming Mode, and is intended for use with the Shark Jack Cable.

The UPDATE_PAYLOADS command was introduced with firmware 1.2.0 on the Shark Jack Cable and requires an internet connection.

In many cases an Internet connection may be enabled in Arming mode by issuing the command NETMODE DHCP_CLIENT.


root@shark:~# UPDATE_PAYLOADS
Downloading payloads repository...
Successfully syncronized payloads repository.

The UPDATE_PAYLOADS command will make an Internet connection to Consider updating your payloads before connecting to the client site network on any physical engagement.


If you receive an Internet connection error like the following:

You must have an internet connection to sync the payload libraries.

Check to ensure that the eth0 interface has an Internet connection. If the IP address is statically assigned to, rather than an address on the target network via DHCP, run the NETMODE DHCP_CLIENT command and try UPDATE_PAYLOADS again.

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