The Cloud C2 commands

The Shark Jack is Cloud C2 enabled — meaning it can be used remotely with the Hak5 Cloud C2 server to exfiltrate loot or be managed from the web interface or web shell.

To provision the Shark Jack for Cloud C2 server, see the guide on adding devices.


Unlike some Hak5 devices, such as the WiFi Pineapple, the connection to Cloud C2 is not automatic. First, the C2CONNECT command must be run, either interactively (Shark Jack Cable) or from the payload.

If the C2CONNECT command fails, check the /tmp/cc-client-error.log file for "Error posting update to server" entries, which may indicate that the system clock is out of date. Verify with the date command, and if necessary rectify this with an NTP update manually using the command ntpd -q -p


With a Cloud C2 connection established, loot may be exfiltrated using the C2EXFIL command.

root@shark:~# C2EXFIL STRING /tmp/cc-client-error.log "The Cloud C2 error log"
Starting C2 Exfil Tool
Loot sent Successfully

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