Included Tools

Tools Pre-Installed

From v1.0.x

  • autossh

  • nmap

  • nc

  • wget

  • python

From v1.1.x

  • arp-scan

  • hping3

  • macchanger

  • ngrep

  • nping

  • p0f

  • tcpdump

Installing Additional Tools

In order to install additional tools the Shark Jack will require an Internet connection in Arming Mode. Typically this is achieved by using the NETMODE DHCP_CLIENT command.

Connect to the Shark Jack shell by SSH (or Serial in the case of the Shark Jack Cable) and plug it into a local network. Ensure that it has Internet connection (e.g. ping -c4 If it does not, use the NETMODE command above to establish an Internet connection via DHCP.

Update the package manager with opkg update. Using the opkg list command you may find the name of the package you wish to install. Finally, install the package with the command opkg install <name of package>.


root@shark:~# opkg install httping
Installing httping (2.5-1) to root...
Configuring httping.
root@shark:~# httping
No URL/host to ping given

root@shark:~# httping
PING (/):
connected to (43 bytes), seq=0 time= 27.99 ms 
connected to (357 bytes), seq=1 time= 18.41 ms 
connected to (351 bytes), seq=2 time= 17.20 ms 
connected to (43 bytes), seq=3 time= 17.45 ms 
connected to (43 bytes), seq=4 time= 17.35 ms 
connected to (43 bytes), seq=5 time= 17.39 ms 
^CGot signal 2
--- ping statistics ---
6 connects, 6 ok, 0.00% failed, time 5946ms
round-trip min/avg/max = 17.2/19.3/28.0 ms

Learn more about using the opkg package manager from the OpenWRT documentation at

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