Over-the-Air Upgrade

Shark Jack Cable users may conveniently upgrade their device's firmware by running the UPDATE_FIRMWARE command.

  1. Plug the Shark Jack Cable into a network which provides Internet access via DHCP

  2. Flip the Shark Jack Cable switch to Arming Mode

  3. Power the Shark Jack Cable via USB-C from a compatible computer or smartphone

  4. From the computer or smartphone, access the Shark Jack shell via Serial

  5. Press ENTER to activate the serial console

  6. From the root@shark:~# prompt, type UPDATE_FIRMWARE and press ENTER

If the Shark Jack Cable has Internet access and an update is available, it will download and install automatically.

To cancel the installation, press CTRL+C during the 10 second countdown period.

If the update fails with an SSL certificate error, verify that the device has the correct date and time with the date command, and if necessary rectify this with an NTP update manually using the command ntpd -q -p 1.openwrt.pool.ntp.org

DO NOT UNPLUG THE SHARK JACK CABLE DURING THE FIRMWARE INSTALL PROCESS. This process will require 5-10 minutes. Powering off the Shark Jack Cable at this time will result in damage to the device that may render it inoperable.

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