Firmware Recovery

The Shark Jack features a firmware recovery option which allows the user to restore the devices firmware image. This procedure is performed via a special web interface.

Download the latest firmware image for your Shark Jack from the Hak5 Download Center.

It is extremely important that you follow the directions precisely as it pertains to powering the device and image selection from the web recovery interface. The video is provided as a reference however does not replace carefully reading the instructions listed below.

Follow these steps to access the recovery web interface and update the firmware.

Shark Jack Cable users: begin firmware recovery at step three.

  1. With the switch in the OFF position, plug in a suitable USB power source and fully charge the Shark Jack. The LED will blink blue while charging, and solid blue when fully charged. If no LED activity is present, leave the Shark Jack connected to the power source for 10 minutes.

  2. Unplug the Shark Jack completely from the USB power source

  3. Prepare to press the Shark Jack reset button located on the bottom of the device next to the regulatory label. Using a paperclip, SIM card removal tool or similar instrument practice pressing the button. With the Shark Jack unplugged and with its switch in the off position, carefully insert the instrument and directly downward until you feel resistance. Gently press the button. You should feel a click.

  4. With the instrument at the ready, flip the switch into the arming (middle) position and immediately after press and hold the reset button for 7 seconds.

  5. Connect a USB power source to the Shark Jack

  6. Connect the Shark Jack to your host PC Ethernet interface. After a moment the Shark Jack LED will indicate solid green with intermittent activity flashes.

  7. Set a static IP address for the host PC Ethernet interface connected to the Shark Jack as follows:

    • IP Address:

    • Netmask:

  8. From the host PC, browse to

  9. A Shark Jack Recovery interface with a red banner will appear. Click to the Recovery tab, then click Browse Firmware, select the Shark Jack firmware downloaded from the Hak5 Download Center, then click Start Upload File.

    • If your Shark Jack web interface shows a blue banner reading Web Failsafe Recovery, click the OS tab, then click browse, select the Shark Jack firmware downloaded previously, then click Start Upload File. If your Shark Jack features the blue bannered Web Failsafe Recovery interface, it is extremely important that you select the OS tab and not the Firmware tab or any other tab as doing so will render the device inoperable.

  10. This process will take several minutes. Do not interrupt the power supply while the firmware is updating. Once complete, the Shark Jack will restart as indicated by a green blinking LED. At this point, disable the static IP address on the host PC Ethernet interface connected to the Shark Jack and reset it to receive an IP address automatically via DHCP.

DO NOT UNPLUG THE SHARK JACK CABLE DURING THE FIRMWARE RECOVERY PROCESS. This process will require 5-10 minutes. Powering off the Shark Jack Cable at this time will result in damage to the device that may render it inoperable.

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