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Key Croc Payload Development

Key Croc payloads are easy to write with Ducky Script. They can be written in any standard text editor. From notepad on Windows to TextEdit on a Mac – even nano on Linux, the best text editor ever. These simple ascii files are processed by the Key Croc's payload framework. Payloads execute when the target types specified patterns of keystrokes. A payload can be as simple as saving keystrokes of interest, to an advanced array of attacks using multiple device emulation modes, complex pentest frameworks and specialized exploits.
Multiple payloads, each with a unique file name, may be loaded simultaneously from the Key Croc's udisk payloads folder.
In addition to Ducky Script, the Key Croc payloads are executed with bash. which means they can leverage this powerful shell scripting language. For example, conditional statements can be used to construct decision trees based on events, and text processing tools can be used to systematically extract typed key sequences of interest – storing them in variables for use later in the payload.
Payloads can take advantage of a number of Key Croc commands, in addition to the standard Linux tools, additional pre-installed tools like nmap and smbclient, or the optionally installed tools like metasploit, responder and impacket.
Last modified 2yr ago