Understanding Languages

The Key Croc is capable of capturing and injecting keystrokes from various keyboard layouts – also known as languages. Since keyboard layouts differ from country to country, this is an important consideration when deploying your Key Croc. For US-English users, the Key Croc is already configured by default for this layout.

The languages directory from the Key Croc udisk is host to a number of keymap files in json format. Named with the two letter country designation, these files map the characters seen on the screen and often printed on the keyboard with the scan codes sent by keyboard to the computer via the USB Human Interface Device specification.

For example, with the US language the letter "a" on the keyboard is mapped to the scan code "00,00,04".

To set the keyboard layout, change the DUCKY_LANG value in the config.txt file on the root of the Key Croc udisk with the two letter country abbreviation listed from the languages directory.

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