Configuring Cloud C²

The Key Croc can be configured to connect to a Cloud C2 instance for remote keystroke monitoring, injection, exfiltration and payload management.

To use this feature, the WiFi must be configured via theconfig.txt on the Key Croc udisk.

Learn more about this self-hosted server and download the free community edition from

Registering the device to Cloud C2

  1. From the Cloud C2 device listing, click the (+) Add Device button.

  2. From the Add Device dialog, name the device, select Key Croc as the device type and click Add Device.

  3. From the new devices Overview page, click Setup to download the device.config file.

  4. With the Key Croc connected and in arming mode, save the device.config file to the root of the Key Croc udisk.

  5. Finally, safely eject the Key Croc udisk and reboot the Key Croc by unplugging and replugging the device.

For additional help on using Cloud C2 server, see the Cloud C2 documentation at

Information on using Cloud C2 functions in your payloads can be found in the Payload Development section of this documentation.

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