Installing Extras like Metasploit

With the power of a full Debian Linux box under the hood, the Key Croc is far more capable than simply recording and streaming keystrokes or executing pattern matched payloads.

Either in conjunction with, or in addition to payloads – additional tools may be used to fully exploit the target. Some, such as smbclient and nmap, come pre-installed. Others require some setup. The INSTALL_EXTRAS command will aid in the installation of some useful packages like Metasploit, Impacket and Responder.

Third party software is provided "AS IS" without any warranty. Third party license terms apply. Hak5 LLC makes no claim to third party software. User is solely responsible for determining the appropriateness of using third party software and assumes any risk associated.

The INSTALL_EXTRAS command may be executed from SSH, Cloud C2 Terminal or Serial and requires the Key Croc to be online. Installation may take several minutes to complete. When done, these additional tools will be located in the /tools/ directory.

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