Key Croc

Payload Primer

While the Key Croc may act as an ordinary passive keylogger, silently recording keystrokes to log files or streaming them in real time over the Internet to a Cloud C2 server – it's strength as a pentest implant lies in its payload capabilities.
Payloads may perform a number of functions, from automated keystroke analysis to notifying the pentester of a matching key sequence to performing advanced active attacks against the target by emulating multiple trusted USB devices.
Similar to the Bash Bunny, the Key Croc payload framework builds on the versatility of Bash, while providing simple helpers as part of the Key Croc language to facilitate basic functions. These functions include pattern-matching for payload execution, saving keys before and after the pattern is matched, injecting keystrokes into the target, emulating additional USB devices like Ethernet, serial and USB mass storage, and controlling the multi-color LED.
The section on Payload Development in this documentation includes a comprehensive guide to these functions, as well as best practices and tips for writing, testing and publishing payloads.