DuckyScript™ on the Bash Bunny

DuckyScript™ is the payload language of Hak5 gear. It consisting of a number of simple commands specific to the Bash Bunny hardware, some bunny helper functions and the full power of the Bash Unix shell and command language. Theses payloads, named payload.txt, execute on boot by the Bash Bunny.

The extensions can be sourced which extend the DuckyScript language with user contributed functions and variables which enhance and simplify payloads. All DuckyScript commands are written in ALL CAPS. The base DuckyScript commands are:



Specifies the USB device or combination of devices to emulate.


Control the RGB LED. Accepts color and pattern or payload state.


Injects keystrokes (ducky script) or specified ducky script file.


Alias for QUACK


Set the HID Keyboard language. e.g: DUCKY_LANG us

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