Mass Storage Structure

  • /docs – home to documentation.

  • /languages – install additional HID Keyboard layouts/languages.

  • /loot – used by payloads to store logs and other data

  • /tools – used to install additional deb packages and other tools.

  • /payloads – home to active payloads, library and extensions

  • /payloads/switch1 and /payloads/switch2 – home to payload.txt and accompanying files which will be executed on boot when the bash bunny switch is in the corresponding position.

  • /payloads/library – home to the payloads library which can be downloaded from the Bash Bunny Payload git repository

  • /payloads/library/extensions – home to Bash Bunny extensions

Bash Bunny Mark II Note: If a MicroSD card is present at boot in either switch positions 1 or 2, /root/udisk will symlink to the root of the MicroSD card. Otherwise the udisk partition will behave as usual on the internal SSD.

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