Factory Reset

In the extreme case that the Bash Bunny has become permanently inaccessible or inoperative, there is a quick method for recovery using a special boot pattern.

  1. Set the switch to arming mode (closest to the USB port)

  2. Plug the Bash Bunny into a USB port and unplug it immediately after the green LED turns off

  3. Repeat step #2 three times

  4. Plug the Bash Bunny into a USB port and wait approximately 5 minutes for it to reset. The LED will either show an alternating red/blue "police" pattern or blink red.

  5. When the firmware recovery has completed, the Bash Bunny will reboot, indicated by the green LED, then go into arming mode, indicated by the blue LED.

This process will restore the Bash Bunny to the original factory firmware version 1.0. At this point you are advised to update your Bash Bunny to the latest version.

Bash Bunny Mark I Factory Reset

Bash Bunny Mark II Factory Reset

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