Working with the File System

The Bash Bunny contains a USB Mass Storage partition (also known as udisk) which is typically accessed via Arming Mode. This is the Bash Bunny flash drive to which payloads are copied.

When the Bash Bunny framework executes a payload, it will synchronize the USB Mass Storage partition file system once the payload completes. This can be either by an exit statement in the payload.txt, or when the Ducky Script reaches the end of file.

Keep this in mind as a payload which writes files to the USB Mass Storage partition within a loop will not have the opportunity to synchronize until the payload completes. This is why ending payloads with an LED FINISH command is advised. In this case, the payload developer is advised to use the sync command to ensure file synchronization is completed.

Further, the udisk command may be used to manipulate the USB Mass Storage partition, allowing you to mount and unmount the partition as well as reformat the partition. From the Bash Bunny console:

root@bunny:~# udiskudisk [ mount | unmount | remount | reformat ]

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