Installing Additional Tools

While many tools can be installed to the Bash Bunny as you would any typical Debian based Linux computer, such as apt install, git clone, a dedicated tools folder from the mass storage partition simplifies the process. Accessible from arming mode, tools in either .deb format or entire directories can be easily copied to /tools on the root of the mass storage partition. Then on the next boot of the Bash Bunny in Arming mode, these tools will be installed – indicated by LED SETUP (Solid Magenta light).

On boot into arming mode, any .deb file placed in the tools folder will be installed with dpkg. Then any remaining file or directory will be moved to /tools on the root file system.

Some payloads may require additional third party tools. For example, the rdp_checker payload requires impacket to be located in /tools/impacket. This can be installed by copying either the impacket directory or an impacket.deb file to the /tools directory and booting into arming mode. The rdp_checker payload also makes use of the REQUIRETOOL extension, which checks for the existence of this tool and exits with a red blinking LED FAIL state if the tool is not found.

A list of pre-compiled tools is available from this forum thread.

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