First Time Setup

Out of the box the Signal Owl is running a stager firmware designed to flash the latest firmware from a USB flash disk. This ensures that you have the best experience with the latest firmware after unboxing. Follow these instructions to flash your newly opened Signal Owl with the latest firmware.

Setting up the Signal Owl

  1. Download the latest Signal Owl firmware from You may verify the file with the listed SHA-256 checksum.

  2. Copy the firmware upgrade file to the root of an EXT4 or FAT32 formatted USB flash drive. Do not rename, unpack or otherwise modify this file.

  3. Plug the USB drive into the powered-off Signal Owl.

  4. Power on the Signal Owl from a reliable USB power source. The upgrade process may take up to 5-10 minutes and will be indicated by a series of LED patterns. Do not power-off or disturb the device until the upgrade process is complete.

When the upgrade process is complete, the Signal Owl will reboot and enter attack mode, and without a payload present the LED will slowly blink to indicate such. Please familiarize yourself with the Signal Owl documentation here, find payloads at and join the community forums at

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