Upgrading Cloud C² Editions

Upgrade your existing server license without re-installing

From version 3.0.1 onward, Cloud C² editions may be upgraded in-place without the need to redeploy the server. Any edition may be upgraded, from Community to Professional, or Professional to Teams, or any combination therein. Downgrades are not supported. In the below example, we'll upgrade our Teams Gold edition to Teams Platinum, enabling 10 additional users and sites.

Purchase License Upgrade from the Hak5 Shop

From the Shop C² Page: Scroll down and to the Upgrade Existing License button.

Select the desired upgrade from the drop-down menu (in this example Teams Silver to Teams Platinum)

Enter the license key already in use by your C² Server and click Buy Upgrade.

Continue to Checkout and complete the purchase as usual.

Upgrade your Server

From your C² Server UI: Click the Re-Activate button from the Server Information section of the Settings page.

Once you have already purchased your desired upgrade from the shop, this will launch a dialog to reactivate your server.

Enter the license key that you purchased an upgrade for and select the C² Edition you upgraded to then click Re-Activate

If the C² title bar and loading bar appear at the top of the page and you aren't automatically redirected back to your dashboard, simply refresh the page.

Your Cloud C² edition has now been successfully upgraded! 🎉

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