WiFi Diagnostics

Please follow the below guide to generate a WiFi diagnostics file.

  1. Create a file named autoexec.txt on the root of the SD card containing:

source /system/bin/crab && locate_sd && wifi_config > $SD_LOCATION/wifiinfo.txt && ping -c 5 >> $SD_LOCATION/wifiinfo.txt; ping -c 5 google.com >> $SD_LOCATION/wifiinfo.txt; disable_wifi && sleep 5 && enable_wifi; ping -c 5 >> $SD_LOCATION/wifiinfo.txt; ping -c 5 google.com >> $SD_LOCATION/wifiinfo.txt && cycle_colorsIFI_PASS

2. Insert the MircoSD card into the Screen Crab and apply power.

3. After bootup and diagnostics, the LED colors will change rapidly.

4. Check if the device has connected to the WiFi network.

5. Press the button and safely eject the MicroSD card.

6. Check the MicroSD card for troubleshooting assistance in the newly created wifiinfo.txt file.

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