2024 SSL Update

Let's Encrypt has been phasing out the X3 certificate chain. This change requires applying a one time update to your Screen Crab if you plan to use Cloud C2 with HTTPS. This process from start to finish should only take a few minutes.

Download the update

The fix is a simple script available for download here: https://downloads.hak5.org/crab

This autoexec.txt is meant only to be executed on your Screen Crab

Applying the update

  1. Power off the Screen Crab

  2. Eject the microSD card and attach to your host machine via card reader

  3. Copy the autoexec.txt downloaded from downloads.hak5.org to the root of the MicroSD card

  4. Safely eject the MicroSD card from your host machine

  5. Insert the MicroSD card back into your Screen Crab

  6. Power the device on

  7. Done! The script will automatically remove itself upon completion. If your Screen Crab is already registered to your Cloud C2 server, the device should now be online. Additionally an upgrade.log will be created on the root of the MicroSD card to add an additional indication of success.

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