Connecting the WiFi Pineapple

Connecting and powering your WiFi Pineapple

Connect the antennas

It is important to always connect the WiFi antennas before powering on your WiFi Pineapple!

Transmitting without an antenna connected may damage any radio, including the radios inside the WiFi Pineapple!

Connecting via PC or laptop

The WiFi Pineapple Mark VII is designed to be powered from most modern systems, either via USB-C or a USB-C to USB-A adapter.

The WiFi Pineapple will appear as an Ethernet adapter, and the recommended setup method is to use the wired USB connection.

For macOS, additional steps are required because of changes Apple has made to the operating system, for more information check the macOS directions, or consider setting up via WiFi.

Powering from external adapters

Choosing an external adapter

The WiFi Pineapple Mark VII can be powered from an external power adapter, with the following considerations:

  • The power adapter should be rated for 2 amps or higher

  • Due to the complexities of USB-C and power delivery, not all USB-C-PD power adapters may work. If your chosen power adapter does not provide any power to the WiFi Pineapple (no LEDs light), we recommend trying a non-USB-C-PD adapter.

Not all USB-C-PD adapters will provide the basic 5v power that the WiFi Pineapple requires. Typically power adapters which negotiate quick charge or which are designed for laptops will not provide basic 5v power.

If you wish to power the WiFi Pineapple from an external adapter and are encountering power negotiation problems with USB-C, we recommend a 2 amp or higher USB-A adapter.

Power considerations

Not all power adapters are able to reliably deliver the stated power.

If you find your WiFi Pineapple powers properly, but loses power after a short period of use, likely your USB power adapter is not able to continually supply the power needed, and is shutting off internally.

If this happens, we recommend trying a larger capacity power adapter, or one of a different brand.

Powering from battery

The WiFi Pineapple should be able to power from any USB battery bank which can deliver 2 Amps or more continual power.

Due to the complexities of USB-C and power delivery, not all USB-C power banks will negotiate the basic 5v power required by the WiFi Pineapple. If the WiFi Pineapple does not power up (no LEDs light), we recommend trying a different USB power bank, or using a USB-C to USB-A cable or adapter and connecting to a USB-A port on the power bank.

Some USB battery banks have an automatic power-down mode where the battery bank turns off if it believes there are no connected devices. In some situations the WiFi Pineapple power draw may be so minimal that the battery automatically powers off; unfortunately this behavior is controlled by the USB battery and there is nothing the WiFi Pineapple can do to prevent it. If your battery bank automatically powers off, consult the manual for your battery device to determine if that function can be disabled.

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