WiFi Pineapple Updates

Updating the firmware on the WiFi Pineapple

Getting Updates

When a new WiFi Pineapple update is available, you can automatically download and install it by navigating to the Settings > General page on the device:

Here you can check for new updates and automatically install them (standard), or install a locally downloaded firmware file, if you have downloaded the firmware from the download portal or been provided a firmware file.


Updating the firmware of your WiFi Pineapple will factory reset the device - you will need to perform the initial setup again, and any old recon data will be lost.

You should always download any recon scans before performing a system update.

Once the update begins, the LED of the device will flash alternating red and blue. An update typically takes five to ten minutes, do not unplug your device during the update process!

Once the update is complete, the device will reboot and enter setup mode. If the web interface does not automatically refresh, make sure that you are still connected to the WiFi Pineapple device, and navigate to . If you were connected to the WiFi Pineapple via the management WiFi, you will need to connect either using USB-C or the setup WiFi networks.

The SSH host key of the WiFi Pineapple is dynamically generated on first boot - after upgrading your device, you will receive a SSH host key mismatch when connecting via OpenSSH, Putty, or other SSH clients. This is normal when upgrading, and you should remove the offending key from your client and accept the new key (however, in any other circumstances you should not accept new SSH keys from a host unless you have confirmed they have changed!)

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