Password Reset

On firmware versions 1.1.0 and later, you may reset a lost password by booting the WiFi Pineapple, and then holding the Reset button for 10 seconds or longer. Upon success, the LED will flash a rainbow colour sequence and reboot.

The WiFi Pineapple needs to boot before you can reset the password! After plugging it in, wait for the networks to become visible, or wait until you can reach the management interface at before pressing and holding the reset button!

After the device reboots, you will be able to log in to to the web interface or ssh with the password hak5pineapple. You can connect via the USB-C or the Open WiFI, if you don't remember your management network password. You are strongly advised to change this after logging in.

If the LED does not flash rainbow colours, the button was not pressed down long enough, or was not pressed firmly enough to fully engage the button. Try using a pen cap or similar blunt solid object to make sure the button is fully pressed!

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