Internet Connection Sharing over Ethernet in Linux

By default the WiFi Pineapple is expecting an Internet connection from on its LAN. Connect the WiFi Pineapple LAN port to the Linux PC host. On the NANO this is the male USB A plug. On the TETRA this is the USB ETH port.

Once connected, the network connection of the host Linux PC may be forwarded to the WiFi Pineapple using iptables. A free script is available to aid in iptables configuration for most Linux hosts. To download the script from the terminal, run wget Next the script must be made executable, typically by running chmod +x Finally execute the script by running ./

The WiFi Pineapple Connector script for Linux offers either guided or manual setup modes. For most the guided setup is advised. Press G then follow the onscreen prompts to save the connection settings. Once saved, press C to connect.

The WiFi Pineapple Connector script for Linux is provided free of charge for convenience, without warranty, and is not necessary for successful operation of the WiFi Pineapple.

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