Upgrading the Firmware

Many feature upgrades come in the form of Modules to be installed and updated over the air. Other, typically lower level features, require firmware upgrades. As the WiFi Pineapple platform continues to develop, firmware updates will become available.


Firmware updates may be checked from the Advanced menu.

Firmware Upgrade – Displays current firmware version and allows the auditor to check for updates. This requires an Internet connection and will initiate a connection to WiFiPineapple.com. If an update is available, the changelog will display and the option to Perform Upgrade will be available. Users are advised to carefully read the warnings related to the firmware upgrade feature.


Firmware may also be loaded without an Internet connection by following the Manual Firmware Installation guide.


Firmware upgrades replace all data (excluding external storage such as SD card or USB). Please ensure any important non-system data has been backed up.

Please stop any unnecessary services and modules before upgrading. Restarting the WiFi Pineapple without starting additional services and modules is recommended to ensure extra processes have been halted properly.

Upgrading firmware should only be done while using a stable power source. An Ethernet connection to the WiFi Pineapple is recommended for this process.

Once the firmware upgrade has completed the WiFi Pineapple will reboot into an initial setup state. This process will take several minutes. Do not interrupt the upgrade process by unplugging power or closing the web interface as this may result in a soft-brick state.

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