Firmware Recovery

This article applies to the WiFi Pineapple NANO and TETRA. WiFi Pineapple Mark VII users please see the Mark VII Documentation.

The WiFi Pineapple features a firmware recovery option which allows the user to restore the device to a factory firmware image. This procedure is performed via a special web interface.

Download the factory recovery firmware image for your WiFi Pineapple device from the Hak5 Download Center.

It is extremely important that you only use the recovery firmware image for the correct device, and not the latest release or an image for a different device (e.g. the WiFi Pineapple NANO recovery image on a WiFi Pineapple TETRA).

Next, follow these steps to access the recovery web interface and update the firmware.

  • Unplug the WiFi Pineapple completely from all power sources.

  • Begin holding the RESET button on the device.

  • With the RESET button held, power on the device.

  • Continue holding the RESET button for 10 seconds, then release.

    • NANO: The blue LED will remain solid

    • TETRA: The yellow LED will remain solid

  • Connect the host PC to the WiFi Pineapple via the USB Ethernet Port

    • NANO: The male USB A plug

    • TETRA: The Micro USB port labeled ETH

  • From the host PC, configure a static IP address on the WiFi Pineapple facing Ethernet interface to with netmask

    • For example, in Linux run ifconfig eth1 netmask up (where eth1 is the interface name of the WiFi Pineapple).

  • From the host PC, browse to

  • Click Choose File and select the factory firmware image downloaded above.

  • Click Update Firmware.

  • This process will take several minutes. Do not interrupt the power supply while the firmware is updating. Once complete, the WiFi Pineapple will restart.

  • Reset the the WiFi Pineapple facing USB Ethernet interface back to DHCP or with netmask

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