WiFi Coconut Software

Drivers in userspace

The WiFi Coconut drivers are a port of the Linux kernel drivers for the WiFi card, rewritten to work as a normal program. This makes using the WiFi Coconut as a single capture device simple on macOS, Windows, and even Linux where the drivers originally came from.

WiFi Coconut Source

The WiFi Coconut source is available on the Hak5 github repository!

Linux drivers and GPL

The WiFi Coconut userspace tools are released under the GPL license, as is the Linux kernel where they were derived from. Thanks to the contributions of the open source community, it's possible to do new things like this: The tremendous work of creating the stable drivers in the Linux kernel is thanks to the Linux developers and open source community, the user-space port is just a rewriting of that work to a new framework!


The binary firmware loaded by the WiFi Coconut tools is Copyright (c) 2013, Ralink, A MediaTek Company, and distributed under their public license.

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