Unleash your hacking creativity with the official DuckyScript™ editor

While PayloadStudio offers a community edition that provides everything you need out of the box - the Pro Edition provides access to every convenience and configuration option PayloadStudio has to offer.


PayloadStudio is an IDE (or Integrated Development Environment) for the collection of DuckyScript™ compatible platforms including the USB Rubber Ducky, Bash Bunny, Key Croc, Shark Jack, Packet Squirrel, and LAN Turtle and even O.MG Devices!

PayloadStudio assists in development by providing a consistent programming environment, syntax highlighting, auto-completion, debugging, and automatic compiling. It helps take the frustration out of programming complex DuckyScript payloads, so you can focus on your engagements!

How it Works

Payload Studio runs in your browser - on your Linux, Windows, or macOS system, your tablet, your phone, anywhere you have a modern browser! After loading the page PayloadStudio runs 100% client side in your browser.

Your files are never sent to "the cloud" or uploaded anywhere! Your payload development is stored on your computer. Encapsulated completely by your browser.

Updates to PayloadStudio are rolled out seamlessly so you'll never have to install, host, update or maintain it yourself!

PayloadStudio has been tested with Chrome (and Chromium based browsers), Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, and should be compatible with other modern browser platforms. Korben has even run it on his smart watch... This IDE is seriously portable.

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