Payload Studio

IDE Settings

Settings related to the overall functionality of PayloadStudio
Some options are limited to PayloadStudio Pro. These will be indicated with the
Even though each setting is named to be self explanatory - every setting in PayloadStudio contains an description / explanation tool-tip available on hover
Setting description tool-tip

IDE Settings


The Theme option will change both the main editor and the overall appearance of PayloadStudio

Console Theme

The Console Theme will change the appearance of the console and other editors (like the Language Editor) within PayloadStudio
See the Appearance page

Auto Save PayloadStudio Session

Checking this will store the editor session in your browser's local storage.
Auto save status is indicated at the top right of the editor
Unsaved Session Indicator
Saved Session Indicator
You can always manually save your session from File > Save Session
File > Save Session

Auto Save Console Session

With this option enabled, the contents of the Console will not persist across refreshes

Timestamp Console Messages

With this option enabled, messages that are added to the console by PayloadStudio will be timestamped
Timestamp console messages enabled

Open console automatically

With this option enabled, the Console will open when new text is written to it by PayloadStudio or the DuckyScript Compiler.

Enable Live Autocompletion

Checking this enables live payload autocomplete. Start typing for filtered suggestions to automatically display below the cursor. ESC: close the popup. ARROW-KEYS: navigate dropdown. ENTER: select highlighted suggestion. CTRL-SPACE: open without typing anything.
Live Autocompletion Demo

Live Extension Validation

Checking this enables live validation of extensions used in the current payload. This will help you ensure you're on the latest official version, and notify you if it is modified. This is helpful for payload sharing and version management. It is not recommended you disable this feature.
Click the annotation in the gutter of the first line of the EXTENSION to reveal one click shortcuts for: - Upgrading current version - Removing modifications or unofficial extensions
Official Up-to-date Extension
Modified Official Extension
Unofficial Extension
Out-of-date Official Extension

Automatically add documentation template

Automatically add comment documentation template to new payloads
USB Rubber Ducky Documentation Template

Live DuckyScript Tips as inline Annotations

Checking this enables tips curated from a decade of feedback, development and testing - this option should save you some headache explaining best practices or edge cases as live annotations
Live DuckyScript Tips Demo

Live DuckyScript Error Checking

Checking this enables error checking in real time. After making changes to your payload and 1s of inactivity has passed PayloadStudio will automatically check the current payload for compile errors.
Live DuckyScript Error Checking Demo

Display Quick Action Toolbar In Editor

Checking this will pin Edit shortcuts to the top of the Editor.

Display Sublime Scroller

Checking this will enable a sublime inspired code navigation scroller in the Editor.
Sublime Scroller Enabled Demo

PayloadStudio Debugging Mode

Recommended Setting: Disabled (unchecked) - For use in bug reporting - may cause unstable performance. Enable this to enable PayloadStudio Debug logging in the browser console.