Manual Upgrade

Packet Squirrel firmware may be updated via USB as described in the updating firmware article. That said, it is also possible to manually upgrade the firmware by following this process:

  1. Download the latest UPDATE file from and verify its checksum.

  2. Power on the Packet Squirrel in Arming Mode

  3. Manually SCP the file to the Packet Squirrel's /tmp directory (e.g. scp upgrade-3.1.bin root@

  4. SSH into the Packet Squirrel (e.g. ssh root@

  5. From the Packet Squirrel's bash prompt, issue the sysupgrade command relevant to your firmware update file (e.g. sysupgrade -n /tmp/upgrade-3.1.bin)

  6. Wait 5-10 minutes as the Packet Squirrel flashes the firmware and reboots.

DO NOT unplug the device during the process as doing so will render the device inoperable.

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