The BUTTON Command

BUTTON is a Ducky Script command for the Packet Squirrel which pauses the payload until either the hardware push-button has been momentarily depressed, or an optionally specified time has elapsed.

In the event that a time is specified, BUTTON will exit with a non zero return code if the push-button is not pressed in the given time, and zero if the push-button was pressed.

BUTTON 1m && {
  echo "button pressed"
} || {
  echo "button not pressed"

If no time is specified the BUTTON command will pause indefinitely until the push-button is pressed.

During this pause, the LED will light the SPECIAL status, meaning a solid cyan color which blinks off for 100 ms every second.

Time may be specified in (s)econds, (m)inutes, (h)ours or (d)ays. For example:

BUTTON 10s # Wait for 10 seconds for button press
BUTTON 30m # Wait for 30 minutes for button press
BUTTON 365d # Wait 1 year for button press
BUTTON # wait indefinitely for button press

The special LED status light may be suppressed by setting the NO_LED environment variable to 1.


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