Setting up a new LAN Turtle

From time to time new version of the LAN Turtle firmware will become available. Thankfully upgrading is made very simple. Begin by getting your LAN Turtle connected to the Internet. Simply connect the RJ45 Ethernet port to a local network. By default the LAN Turtle will attempt to obtain IP information from DHCP. If a static IP address is required on your network it may be set from the Configuration menu.

Test your LAN Turtle’s Internet connection. From the SSH session to the LAN Turtle, exit the Turtle Shell menu (or press the ESCAPE key until you’re presented with a root@turtle:~# prompt). Ping your favorite host.

ping -c4

Once you’ve verified that your LAN Turtle is online, we’re ready to update the firmware. Return to the Turtle Shell by issuing the turtle command. Navigate to the Config screen and choose check for updates. This process takes about 10 minutes to complete. When the LAN Turtle downloads the update and begins flashing, the SSH session will close. This is expected.

When the update is complete you can SSH back into the LAN Turtle. The password will have been reset to the default (sh3llz), and once again you’ll be prompted to change the password.

Keep in mind that flashing the firmware replaces everything stored on the LAN Turtle memory, so be sure to backup any documents. Modules can be re-downloaded from the Module Manager upon firmware update.

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