Installing Modules

Installing modules on the LAN Turtle is a simple process. From the Turtle Shell main menu, navigate to Modules. Select Module Manager and press enter. Tab over to select Configure and press enter. From the module manager configuration screen you’ll have the ability to download modules over directly from Select Directory and press enter, then select Yes to confirm the connection.

The directory will list all of the available modules. Use the spacebar to check the box next to the modules you wish to install, then press enter to continue. Be sure to install the NetCat Reverse Shell (netcat-revshell) module if following along with the next section. Modules will be downloaded from the online repository and installed to /etc/turtle/modules on the LAN Turtle.

Similarly, the Delete option from Module Manager allows you to remove any modules you wish. The Update option will get the latest version of all modules currently installed.

Modules may be started, stopped and configured from the Modules menu in the Turtle Shell. Alternatively they may be started, stopped and configured manually from the command line as follows:

/etc/turtle/modules meterpreter configure
/etc/turtle/modules meterpreter start
/etc/turtle/modules meterpreter stop

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