Connecting for the First Time

When configuring the LAN Turtle for the first time, a direct connection to the operator’s notebook or desktop computer is recommended. The USB plug will both power the LAN Turtle (as indicated by the Green LED) as well as expose a USB Ethernet adapter to the computer for management.

Once connected to the operator’s computer via USB, the LAN Turtle will boot. The boot sequence completes in about 30 seconds, during which the the Amber LED will blink. The first time the LAN Turtle is plugged in, the Amber LED will continue blinking until initial configuration is completed via SSH.

Once bootup is complete, the LAN Turtle’s network interface on the USB facing side will offer the host computer an IP address via DHCP.

Ensure the host computer is configured to accept IP from DHCP, or alternatively specify a static address in the LAN Turtle’s IP range.

Once the LAN Turtle has completely booted and the host computer has been assigned an IP address, the operator may access the LAN Turtle’s Shell via SSH.

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