LAN Turtle
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Power Considerations

The LAN Turtle is powered via USB and requires 5V at ~200mA. Typical power usage is 1 Watt. Below are some example deployment scenarios and power considerations.
  • Covertly installed in an available USB port on the back of a desktop computer at a client site, either in an “Ethernet Pass-through” configuration (With Network access provided by the LAN Turtle) or standalone (such as for DNS Poisoning).
  • Concealed in a network closet plugged into Ethernet powered by a USB Battery Pack. For example: the Pineapple Juice 15000 USB Battery from would power the LAN Turtle for ~3 days.
  • Concealed in a telephone room plugged into a free Ethernet cable powered by a typical smartphone USB wall charger.
  • Concealed in a server rack powered by a server’s available USB port using a USB Data Blocker inline USB dongle (Available from to prevent the server’s operating system from identifying the LAN Turtle.
  • Connected to a penetration tester’s Android tablet or smartphone using a USB OTG cable (available from for use on-the-go with an Android SSH client. Note: Some smartphones and tablets do not provide the current necessary to power the LAN Turtle. Most Nexus models have been tested to function properly.
Last modified 2yr ago