Factory Reset

In the extreme case that a LAN Turtle has become permanently inaccessible or inoperative, there is a quick method for recovery using a dedicated recovery web interface.

  1. Download the latest LAN Turtle recovery image from the Hak5 Download Portal.

Note that the factory recovery firmware differs from the regular firmware image and must be used for this process. Do not attempt firmware recovery using the normal LAN Turtle firmware.

  1. Carefully open the LAN Turtle case by removing the two screws underneath the sticker on the bottom and pry the bottom plate from the top, exposing the underneath of the PCB.

Be careful not to remove the top plastic housing as the 3G variant has an antenna adhered to this section.

  1. Locate the reset switch, button or jumper pad for your the LAN Turtle variant.

  1. While holding the reset button, switch or jumper on the bottom of the LAN Turtle, plug the device into a computer and continue holding for the first 5 seconds during boot, then release.

  2. Wait an additional 30-180 seconds to receive an IP address from the LAN Turtle.

If you do not receive an IP address in the 192.168.x range from the LAN Turtle within a minute, statically assign the LAN Turtle’s interface to (netmask

  1. Browse to the LAN Turtle firmware recovery web interface at and follow the on screen prompts to upload and flash the factory image downloaded in step 1.

  1. Wait 5-10 minutes until flashing completes as indicated by a special LED blink pattern seen in the video above.

When the flash is complete the LAN Turtle will reboot and will be accessible again from with the default username root and password sh3llz

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