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DuckyScript™ is the programming language of the USB Rubber Ducky™, Hak5® hotplug attack gear and officially licensed devices (Trademark Hak5 LLC. Copyright © 2010 Hak5 LLC. All rights reserved.)


This guide covers USB Rubber Ducky™ hardware mark I (2011) and II (2022), as well as DuckyScript™ version 1.0 (2011) and 3.0 (2022).

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DO NOT FLASH. The limited warranty does not cover damage caused by firmware flash. Flashing legacy or third-party firmware will render the device irrecoverable. The new USB Rubber Ducky is architected in conjunction with Payload Studio such that firmware flashing will never be required. Disregard articles related to the old USB Rubber Ducky and rely solely on the official documentation here at

About the USB Rubber Ducky

Hak5 introduced Keystroke Injection in 2010 with the USB Rubber Ducky™. This technique, developed by Hak5 founder Darren Kitchen, was his tool of choice for automating mundane tasks at his IT job — fixing printers, network shares and the like.

Today the USB Rubber Ducky is a hacker culture icon, synonymous with the keystroke injection technique it pioneered. It’s found its way into the hearts and toolkits of Cybersecurity and IT pros the world over — including many movies and TV shows!

Core to its success is its simple language, DuckyScript™. Originally just three commands, it could be learned by anyone—regardless of experience—in minutes.

Now in version 3.0, DuckyScript is a feature rich structured programming language. It’s capable of the most complex attacks, all while keeping it simple.

Following this guide you will learn and build on your knowledge — from keystroke injection to variables, flow control logic and advanced features. As you do, you’ll unlock ever more creative potential from your USB Rubber Ducky! Quack on!

What's New In DuckyScript 3.0?

DuckyScript 1.0, developed by Hak5 in 2010, is a macro scripting language. It sequentially processes one of two actions: keystroke injection (type a set of keys), and delay (momentarily pause). These actions, written in what is known as a payload, instruct the USB Rubber Ducky on what to do. Either type, or pause.

Over the years the DuckyScript language has evolved to include device specific commands. With the introduction of the Bash Bunny in 2017, DuckyScript was coupled with the shell scripting language BASH. Leveraging the Linux base, these DuckyScript payloads allowed the device to perform multi-vector USB attacks.

Similarly, DuckyScript was included in the Shark Jack to probe Ethernet networks. The Key Croc uses DuckyScript 2.0 to execute a myriad of hotplug attacks based on live keylogging data. Even third party tools designed in partnership with Hak5 licensed DuckyScript — notably the O.MG Platform of malicious cables and adapters by Mischief Gadgets.

With the new USB Rubber Ducky in 2022, DuckyScript 3.0 has been introduced.

DuckyScript 3.0 is a feature rich, structured programming language. It includes all of the previously available commands and features of the original DuckyScript.

Additionally, DuckyScript 3.0 introduces control flow constructs (if/then/else), repetition (while loops), functions, extensions.

Plus, DuckyScript 3.0 includes many features specific to keystroke injection attack/automation, such as HID & Storage attack modes, Keystroke Reflection, jitter and randomization to name a few.

This documentation will cover the basics, then introduce each of the new features such that they build upon one another.

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